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Our Philosophy

Systecon and Transportation

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Systecon and Energy

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Systecon and Defense

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Other Industries

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Across many different industries including defense,
oil and gas, rail, and power we've encountered
the same issues. Expensive, complex, technical
systems or products need to be procured,
developed and used, but almost the entire focus
is on the procurement costs – instead of the total
cost of the system. In other words, the cost of
owning and using the system over its entire life.

Of course, it can be difficult to overview all life cycle aspects early
in a project. But unless you try, you will never establish sufficient
control over which factors impact production and costs.

And the result? Wind turbines idling, because of missing spare
parts. Trains that are delayed because the repair shop does not
have the necessary resources. Aircraft that cost twice as much
to operate.

With Systecon you have two new perspectives: an overview of the totality, and a life cycle perspective – learn more about our view here.

We have the methodology, the tools and the experience to identify the factors that affect your output and your costs – and to optimize your operations, your system and your maintenance solution based on your specific circumstances.

In short, we provide you the information you need to make decisions based on facts, not just your gut feeling – today, and for the future of your entire system.

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Our Services

We help you to find the optimal balance between your requirements on performance and availability and the resources needed this achieve this, regardless if you are working with strategic decisions, procurement of new systems or if you just want to improve efficiency in your current operations.

We call this Life Cycle Management and the results for our customers are higher productivity, and lower cost.

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Our Life Cycle Perspective

How do you ensure that a product or system will be profitable?  By considering the entire life cycle right from the start.

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Opus Suite – Our Product Family

Controlling both performance and cost. Optimizing spare parts inventories, maintenance solutions and resources. Data supporting organizational changes or procurements.

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