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CATLOC – Complete Control of Your Costs

CATLOC – Complete Control of Your Costs

CATLOC– one of the software tools in Opus Suite – gives knowledge and complete control over costs and revenue. It is a complete and flexible cost/revenue analysis tool with superior analysis capability. It is up to you to decide the scope, focus, approach and level of detail in CATLOC, which means that it is a tool that is equally well suited life cycle cost analysis, budgeting and planning, financial risk assessments, or control of ongoing projects.

CATLOC provides answers to high level questions such as:

  • How large does my total budget have to be?
  • What is the potential profit margin?
  • How are costs distributed over time?

You can compare and analyze alternatives side by side in a clear and thorough way, for instance when choosing among:

  • Competing proposals
  • System design alternatives
  • Maintenance solutions
  • Contract formulations

You can also drill down into the details for decision support in central questions such as:

  • Which are my cost drivers?
  • What are my most important areas for improvement from a cost perspective?
  • What factors have the largest impact on profitability?
  • Phase out or replacement of aging equipment

CATLOC is also the perfect tool for consequence analysis and risk assessments. With quick cost outcome calculations and simulations of cost and revenue flows, you can determine:

  • What are the direct and indirect environment and the climate costs of a particular solution?
  • How sensitive are the results to uncertainty or variance of different parameters?
  • Which cost types are affected the most?
  • What is the probability that my costs will exceed a certain level?
  • How are costs impacted by changes to the operational profile?

Leading organizations and companies worldwide use CATLOC for this type of analysis and decisions, primarily in the defense, transportation and energy industries, but also in other sectors.

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News in CATLOC v2017

  • Software performance has been further improved. Primarily in SIMLOX, but also in CATLOC and OPUS10.
  • The new time blocks modeling in CATLOC gives flexibility and compatibility with OPUS10 and SIMLOX.
  • Phase scenario results from OPUS10 can be imported to CATLOC.
  • Usability has been improved with new commands and toolbar buttons.
  • A PM event limit can be set for preventive maintenance tasks, to model e.g. “first service”.
  • Data can be imported and exported using JSON text format.

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Data input

The CATLOC model consists of tables that can be used in a flexible way, depending on complexity and desired level of detail, to describe a scenario. A “model view” gives the user overview and support, with a graphic representation of the cost structure. There is also a “parameter view” that facilitates data input. A formula editor makes it easy to define and enter calculation formulas. Data can also be imported from databases, MS Excel, OPUS10, or SIMLOX.    



The advantages of CATLOC's flexible cost model become very clear in the results view. It is easy to move from top-level aggregate level to detailed in-depth analysis in search of cost drivers. With a few clicks, costs can be distributed over time, components, departments, resources or actions. It is possible to toggle between numeric and graphic presentations of the results.    


The Report Generator

The Report Generator provides reports that can be customized to show the results that are of interest. You can choose among several preset graphs and tables, and define your own by saving the views you create in the Result View – so that you get precisely the information you need. The results displayed in the report can be exported to databases, business systems or MS Excel.