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How We Lead Development Together with Universities

Since our start more than 40 years ago,
Systecon has worked with partners in
academia and research through a
variety of collaborations. For instance,
parts of our world-leading Opus Suite
originated in previous research at KTH,
the Royal Institute of Technology, and
throughout the years we have
participated in educating students by
means of various thesis projects
involving Life Cycle Management and
Integrated Logistic Support.

This collaboration and exchange of information with
the academic world has enabled us not only to ensure that our products and services are cutting edge, but also most importantly to create interest in, and understanding of, the ideas involved in our work. Teachers appreciate when students are given the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problem solving while still at university.

We as experts are often retained to speak at international conferences and seminars, usually on the topic of using Life Cycle Management to increase system and organizational performance while reducing the life cycle cost. 

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Looking for a Thesis Project?

Perhaps you have studied systems engineering, operations research or logistics. Or maybe you're a whiz at C++, database modeling and simulation technology.

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Opus Suite for Universities

Controlling both performance and cost. Optimizing spare parts inventories, maintenance solutions and resources. Data supporting organizational changes or procurements.

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